Between Us

A Jessie and Addisu collaboration.

Addisu I started exchanging ideas over email in 2010, I was based in UK and him in Ethiopia. The work has always been about connection, disconnection, relationships, culture and politics. To enable this work we much have had about 10 visa’s and taken many flights.

Our work has been through several phases always working around the same topic always learning more about each other’s cultures. Thinking we finally understood each other then realising we didn’t.

Our work has been site-specific taking place in buildings where the audience see’s out story through the windows and doors. Listening to our whispers through headphones on the outside.

In 2015 we enlisted the help of Jesus Rubio Gamo to assist our choreographic process. These excerpts from texts by Jesus sum up our work and life together.

‘The distance between you and I is not just geographical space. The distance between you and me is like a huge sculpture built by many people.’Jesus Rubio Gamo – 2015

Our work is an ongoing project that may continue for the rest of our lives as we continue to grow and try to understand each other between our changing worlds and developing minds.

  • 2012- Addis Interactions in Ethiopia
  • 2013- The world behind walls in UK
  • 2015- Between us R&D Waleslab in UK
  • 2016- Between us performance in Ethiopia

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